Tuesday, September 1, 2015


SO……who knew it would take me THIS LONG to get back into the swing of things??? It's been over a month since my last blog entry…..and we have been in our new house since JULY 25TH…..and it's now AUGUST 31ST…..and I am FINALLY posting!!  SUO challenge this week is "Thinking of You/Friendship" - so I gave this new leaf set a try…..This is the first card I made in my new stamp room, which is a make shift one because we are actually going to build one  in the basement….but have all kinds of other projects that trump that one, like getting my mother moved in for one!! We hit the ground running - redoing the kitchen, family room and dining room which all needed it pretty badly.  We opted to use one of those kits where you do about 7 steps to every cabinet and then to the boxes, drawers, doors, etc.  Can I just warn you that you need to reeeeeallllllly hate your existing cabinets before attempting this???? And can I tell you don't complain that your kitchen is too small cuz after you get going, mark my words you will wish it was SMALLER!!! My heavens, it is taking for evah…….and I fear we will still be at it by Christmas!!!!  We hung the first completed row tonite and they make me wanna cry they look so pretty……(in a happy tears sort of way) but Oh my STARS is this labor intensive!!!!!  I know in the end it will be worth it, but what a JOB!!!  We get new granite countertops installed on October 1st and new back splash of subway tile shortly after…..and we are also pulling up carpeting in 3 rooms and laying down bamboo flooring……gahhhhh……I am too OLD for this!!!!!  We are actually having fun doing it…..or at least we keep telling ourselves that we are….bahahaha.  My husband keeps saying this is the last move for us, ever  - he keeps saying the next move for him will be out on a stretcher when he dies in this house……hahahaha.  We thought that with the last house….so never say never honey.  hahahaha…..if you don't laugh you will CRY.  Anyway-  I will post some before and after kitchen pics when we are all done…….and like i said, if you are considering painting and refinishing kitchen cabinets……well……consider it verrrrrrrry carefully before starting.  Cuz once you start there is no turning back.  Here's to a beautiful kitchen, and here's to the first card I finally stamped in my new house.  God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is good, even when you are on door number 28.  Oh yah.   Until next time………Karen

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


SO the SUO challenge for this week was FAVORITE NEW STAMP SET, and I didn't have to think TWICE about that one - this is hands down my FAVORITE, this beautiful "hydrangea" which has been called out as a hydrangea, a rhododendron, a geranium, and I think even a few other interpretations  To me, it's a hydrangea, even though in my deepest heart of hearts I think it just might be a rhododendron, but hydrangeas are my absolute favorite, so I named it a hydrangea.  Hmph, I didn't even color it a hydrangea color, how do you like that?  That's the magic of stamping, it can be whatever I want it to be and I can color it however I want to color it! haha!!   Isn't it beautiful though??  Well, we are in the throes of moving, - closing on a new house the day after tomorrow - and we have been literally working round the clock to get ourselves out of this house by the weekend.  We have only lived in Ohio 9 years, so I'm not really sure how we accumulated so much STUFF, but we did.  I was on my way to the sack tonite to hit the hay when I remembered, OH GEEZ - color challenge night and SUO challenge blog night, and I turned right around and came back downstairs to post.  :) The days are all running together, and every day I go to work to get some rest. haha.  This too shall pass.   Happy Tuesday everyone - if you took the time to read this take another minute and leave me some love, I have been so much more motivated to blog the last couple of weeks with all that LOVE.  :) Next time I post it will be from our new house.  Thank you Jesus!! :) Happy Tuesday again, and this time I am headed to hit the hay for real.  Six AM comes reallllll soon.  :) Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


The SUO challenge this week is for designer paper…..and SU has some awesome new ones!! I used my favorite new one, which is English Garden…..so many pretty choices! I used my two favorites in that package, and I just covered them with a piece of vellum the same size to give them a more muted look.  Owl punch for some leaves, chalk talk framelets for the words and the butterfly die - voila!!  Quick, clean, and classy!  And since we are deep in the midst of packing up our house to move on July 25th, quick and clean and classy is about all I can eek out right now!! Stampers withdrawal!!! I have spent so much time packing up my beloved stamp studio, and have to start all over in the new house as my husband will be building me a new one in the basement - going to be a huge challenge!!!  So much of life is letting go of things we love to embrace new ones, isn't it?  A lesson to never hold on too tightly to "things"  - things are things and a house is a house but the people in it make it a home, and I am sure I will love my new home soon enough.  I have walked in circles in my present home, boxes everywhere, realizing a chapter in our lives is coming to an end.  No more Christmas's here with the laughter of grandchildren, no more picnics, no more hot tub, no more, no more, no more.  But the new house will bring it's own memories over the next few years.  Before long, it will be home sweet home.  Time marches on, and as followers of God He sometimes asks us to do the unexpected.  And if we do it, blessings follow.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Like new houses, and new places to rest our weary heads.  God is good all the time.  All the time, God is good.  Until next time,  Karen  PS - 28 comments surely made me feel like someone reads this thing!!  I didn't mean to sound like a whiner, but 1 comment, 2 comments, 1 comment week after week really did have me wondering.  If you enjoy this - please continue to just leave me some love.  Means the WORLD to me…..and keeps me blogging.  :) 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


SO the color challenge this week over on SCS is Real Red, Marina Mist, and Night of Navy.  Dessert is candy dots.  The Challenge on SUO Challenge Blog is a card that has something other than a straight edge.  So I made these little bears hold signs and I cut out around them to create the unique edge.  These kind of colors really get me outside the "flower box" - Given these three colors I really had to think of something besides flowers!  I had fun creating this one.  Left to myself, I would never stamp anything BUT flowers….so I am always happy when I make a card with none.  Last time I was challenged with the patriotic card too….stars and stripes - so two times in a row that I didn't use flowers, and last week's color challenge I didn't either.  WOW!  Lots of chances to be different.  This card where I generated the words "Bears Repeating" came from an idea I had years ago when I made my very first convention swap card.  I used Button Bear, and I stamped him twice and put him in a frame and colored him all cute and then I had wrote around the images of the bears, "Bears Repeating, Bears Repeating, Bears Repeating and then on the inside the card said, "I love you."  It was so cute.  All those years ago…..must have been around 1997 or 1998 I think…..I have been stamping for a long long time!!  I have to say that if the comments that get left on my blog are any indication of how many enjoy it, I should just stop blogging.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads it at all, - if you are still with me and reading this could you let me know?  Should I keep on blogging??  Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


The SUO challenge this week made my LIPS FREEZE….Stars and Stripes….I had this embossing folder because I have to have every new embossing folder, but I just knew I didn't even own a star stamp or a star punch.  Can anyone relate to being a stamper so long you don't even know what you have sometimes? Because I found the punch in like 60 seconds, and then I started looking thru my stamps to see if I had a Way to Go! stamp or something like that…..and I found this great YOU'RE A STAR stamp and knew at that point I was home free. :) And I'm not gonna lie to ya, I kinda like this card!! It's so not my usual….but I really like it!! I think it would make a great card for a soldier. Because they ARE STARS in my book, ya know?  Go play in the challenge! I bet you can find some stars and stripes somewhere in your stash, ya think?  Happy Tuesday everyone!!  Thank GOD for our soldiers!!  Until next time….Karen

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The SUO Challenge this week is for a SWEET TREAT….so here is the favor from Rebekah and Aaron's wedding, slightly altered….(keep reading)  It's almost been a YEAR since my daughter Rebekah and Aaron tied the knot!! Where does the time GO?? Last year at this time we were pulling our decoration theme together - I sorta changed the colors on this little favor that Bekah and I made so that I could use ALL SU products…..as her colors were Crisp Cantalope and Wisteria Wonder, (in SU language that is)  but these favors actually had little wisteria rosebuds on them….but they weren't SU, (shhhhh….) Actually if SU had anything even remotely like them I would have used them…..but to buy 75 Artisan embellishment sets to get the two little rosebuds out of each one would have killed our budget. HAHA, but aren't these cute?  And let me tell you, those two - Rebekah and Aaron,,, WERE MINT TO BE.  I have never seen my daughter so happy, and there is no greater joy for a mama than to see her children HAPPY!!  And many know that Bekah's JOY came after a long period of sadness….which make the JOY even more JOYFUL.  Sometimes when things happen that cut us to the core, and leave us almost broken in two, God turns those things around and makes something beautiful come out of the ashes - and that is what we see in Bekah's life and marriage now!  Thank you Jesus!!  Anyway, it was nice to have the blog challenge be a wedding favor, - or a sweet treat, because it gave me a chance to reflect back over this last year, and the JOY I have seen restored to my daughter Rebekah and my grand daughter Olivia, and it's been a fun walk down memory lane.  She was a stunning bride and Olivia was an adorable flower girl, along with her new sister Kara!!  Sorrow may endure for a night, but JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!!  Happy Tuesday everyone!!  UNTIL NEXT TIME,  Karen

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


So the SUO challenge this week was FUN FLOWERS…..and that is out of my comfort zone, I like to stamp SERIOUS  FLOWERS…..not FUN FLOWERS…..so I had the dig out this set that makes my lips freeze, but in the end, I'm not gonna lie to ya, I really love my streeettttccchhh card…..it's not me, but I think it's really cool! Seems like I have had lots of stretching to do lately, and lots of livin' outside the comfort zone.  As many of you know, we put our house on the market about a year ago so that if we were reading God right, we could move into a house all on one floor and have my mother move in with us.  We kind of put it out there really not knowing and since it's been many months, we kinda thought maybe it was NOT going to happen.  A couple of weeks ago I looked around our gorgeous yard with it's huge Japanese Lilac bush and all the beautiful tulips and daffodils and iris's and other gorgeous flowers I don't know the names of, and I looked at our perfect lollipop tree in the front yard, and I said to Keith, if no one buys our house in the spring, then no one buys our house.  Spring is when we fell in love with the house, with it's beautiful rock garden in the front yard, back in 2006.    No sooner did I say that, and then maybe two days later a young couple looked at it, fell in love, and made an offer.  Can you say broken hearted??? That's how we felt at first.  There was one night where I cried all the way home from work.  Keith and I would just look at each other and feel like crying.  Then we went to look at two houses, and came back to the one we have had our eye on ever since the beginning of this venture.  We went to see it again, and we could begin to feel some excitement welling up from somewhere.  Man, this is a nice house!! We gradually came to the realization of what we knew all along, we can make this house our home!! And the night they accepted our offer, we felt JOY!! And there will still be moments of sadness saying goodbye to this house we have lived in for 9 years.  But there will be JOY in the new house too, and all will be well.  God is in HIS heaven and all is right with the world.  OUT of my comfort zone….again….and it's gonna be ALRIGHT.  Until next time…..Karen