Tuesday, November 24, 2015


This week the SUO challenge is to make a card using your favorite Christmas colors - so here you have them!!  I am too tired to chat much tonite.  But my favorite Christmas colors are Cherry Cobbler, Wild Wasabi, and Soft Sky.  I just love Soft Sky and Cherry Cobbler together….doesn't really matter what green I throw in there. :)  So just as a  side note, this past weekend we got a new car, and it's Cherry Cobbler.  Black trim.  Heated seats and a sun roof.  I think it's my mid life crisis car.  Haha.  Not really cuz I'm not having one.  Anyway, too tired to chat tonite.  Happy Tuesday everyone!  Go show us what your favorite Christmas colors are on the SUO challenge blog!  Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The SUO challenge is to make a fall themed card.  I actually made this one for the color challenge last week, but given that we are still moving in and renovating and getting ready to move my mom in, I decided to use it again.  I long for the days when I would pump out one card after the other, but for now I have to just stamp at a minimum.  I miss it so much!  Those days will return though.  I am enjoying my new stamp room.  It's slightly smaller than my old one, but it's cozy and warm and sunny and happy.  Someday I will stamp to my heart's content again….and since we move my mother in this coming weekend, I can say those days may come sooner than later! I still plan on doing a blog entry where I show the work we have done to our new home.  So fun.  So blessed.  So happy.  SO this card says THANKFUL, and I must tell you - I am THANKFUL to the MAX right now.  This week and last I have had a HUGE answer to prayer for one of my kids.  I am rambling, but I must tell you about this one. Not going in to a lot of detail to protect their privacy….but we as a family have been praying for one of my kid's situations and the Lord answered those prayers this past week in a MIGHTY way.  I feel as though the elephant finally stepped off my chest.  I always felt like "When this happens my JOY will be full"  - WELL THIS HAPPENED this week, and I am so happy for my kid I can hardly contain the JOY!!!  It's a MOUNTAIN TOP day, week, month, year as we see the dreams we have had for this kid come to fruition.  God is GOOD.  A mother is only as happy as her least happy child….and I have ACHED for this to happen, and it happened, and I am filled to the brim with JOY!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!!  Blessings to all of you, Karen

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


OKAY, I know pumpkins aren't blue.  But I saw some really cool ones at Christmas Tree Shops last week, and they were these colors.  Something may have gotten slightly lost in the translation.  It'll be a blue pumpkin without you……or let's see, It's my pumpkin and it'll be blue if I want to, blue if I want to, blue if I want to, you would be blue if it happened to you…..okay, I digress.  It was the old two for one, I had to make a Thankful card for the SUO challenge, and I had to use these colors for the color challenge on SCS, and why I turned to BLUE PUMPKINS I could not tell you - but what's done is done and here you have it, and this is all she wrote, so blue pumpkins it is!!  Since I am dozing as I type I think I will just call it a pumpkin, er I mean call it a night, and head to bed and have Sweet Pumpkin Dreams, but in my dreams, they will be orange.  Kind of boring, don't you think? Orange pumpkins?  Everyone has orange pumpkins but it takes someone special to make BLUE pumpkins, right?  Off to bed with me.  I am only making things worse.  :) Happy Tuesday everyone!!  Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The SUO Challenge this week is to make a pocket card.  Okay, so my lips froze and I broke out in hives just thinking about it.  I'm not that girl.  I don't do score lines and cut lines and thing a ma jigs, or whatever you call that tool that helps you put things where they are supposed to go.  If I do do them, it's usually with someone standing over my shoulder telling me what to do next.  In a weak moment, I decided to stray from the one pocket card I have done successfully over the years and try something new.  So I stumbled upon a tutorial by Patty Bennett, who is expert at these sort of things.  I watched it so many times I could almost recite it….and all I can say is my cards come out "lumpy".  I tried several times to make one with that new snowman set that just came out this year, the one with the penguin, that you dress up, etc.  I sure miss Norman and Nelson, the last snowman set they discontinued.  The snowmen in this latest one just lack personality.  So I gave up after about three attempts.  I decided to fall back on the one thing I can't go wrong with, a flower.  So here you have it, my final attempt at a pocket card, and here's to hoping I don't have to make another one for a very long time.  Even under Patty's excellent tutalidge, I don't want to tell you how many pieces of paper I threw away.  I did it though!  And it's not too shabby. :) The color challenge over on SCS this week was ALSO a huge challenge to me - colors that I had to REALLLLLY think about.  Here is that card:
Both gave me fits in their own way.  The week before, when I chose my own colors because it was my turn to be hostess, it was no sweat.  I even made TWO cards I was having so much fun and both were completed on my first attempt.  But alas, the other ladies will not have red and pink and green and soft blue every week.  Upward and onward, they don't call these "challenges" for nothin' my friends…..it's always when I break out in hives and my lips freeze that I also come away with that victorious feeling of "I did it!!"  And when I even LIKE the final results, well that's even better. :) Did I mention that after total destroying my stamp studio to the point of oblivion, that my camera then went on strike and I had to take about a trillion pictures to get a good one of each? Some weeks are like that, yea they are.  I worked HARD this week.  So leave me some love.  :) (comments welcome) Let me know my labor was not in vain?  Happy Tuesday everyone!  And early Merry Christmas! :) Until next time, Karen

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


The SUO challenge for this week is punches…..I wish I read the whole description before diving to make my card….it said punch art or use punches…I only used ONE.  However, I was afraid of this punch -- and with the help of a tutorial or two I figured it out.  (they figured it out for me and after several attempts, I was able to follow directions).  I am so not the mechanical stamper.  Stamp a ma jig?  Um, no thank you.  Mine collects dust.  Everytime I pull it out it feels like rocket science figuring out how to use it.  Anyway, I am so busy unpacking, etc, that I go at my stamping with a vengeance, in a "get it right the first time" sort of way.  This one came together pretty quickly, and then I made a sort of matching one that I posted in my gallery on SCS for the color challenge.  They were fun to color, and I like this set a lot.  I had to resort to some edges that are not in the current catalog because um…..we have no edges IN the current catalog.  My biggest lament since losing blendabilities.  What's that you say?  These look like I USED my blendabilities to color them?  (both cards, this one and the one on SCS??) I'll never tell……hey - maybe I will go ahead and post the other card here so you can see both, yes? yes.  Here goes:
Double header this week!! And actually, I used another punch on this one! The tree punch.  I think this little guy is the bomb.  Too cute.  The cuteness bomb.  Okay - so I just MIGHT have dug out the old blendabilities for this one.  But come on…..don't they work well?? I could not send them back.  In fact, I really wanted to ask everyone who was sending them back if I could BUY THEIRS.  How I love these markers!!  Okay well enough tattling on myself…..only one punch, discontinued edges, discontinued markers, OH MY!! ;) Happy Tuesday everyone….have fun stamping, Until next time, Karen  PS Please leave me a comment if you read this far…..you are a trooper!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


So the SUO challenge for this week was to make a get well card, and I am here to say that we need more get well stamps at SU!!!  I of course still have a lot of my stuff PACKED but my stamps are handy, and it was SLIM PICKINS to find a get well stamp for this card and I ended up using word stamps from that HERD set of crazy animals…haha….it worked! All's well that ends well.  Anyway I used the new Vintage Leaves set and started out to make a 4 panel card and somehow ended up changing directions - but i was happy with this one.  It looks like someone else created it but I love when I make something outside my box!! :) I have stamped a total now of THREE cards, like 1, 2, 3 in the whole time in this house!!!  We are just SO busy laying floors and painting cabinets and rooms and unpacking, and and and……that there seems to be little to NO time to stamp!!  I know those days will be here again in the not so distant future, but until then it's the SUO challenge and the being on the color team for the color challenge on SCS that keeps me stamping!! I miss it!!  I yearn to just spend a day creating….nothing but coming up with new ideas…..so far, not happening.  But I am so thrilled with how the house is coming along….I am growing to LOVE LOVE LOVE this house….and my faithful readers will remember that I was so sad to leave my other house.  I guess I see now that a house is a home because you live there.  And once we put our favorite things all around, it just feels like HOME.  And there are so many things to love about this big beautiful house that my pain is gone from leaving the other one.  I promise to post pictures  - but I want to wait till the countertops and backsplash are in - which will be around the second week of October.  Watch for that - I will try to post some of the work stages and the finished projects.  Yah - right before my eyes it's becoming HOME SWEET HOME.  Until next time…..Karen

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


SO……who knew it would take me THIS LONG to get back into the swing of things??? It's been over a month since my last blog entry…..and we have been in our new house since JULY 25TH…..and it's now AUGUST 31ST…..and I am FINALLY posting!!  SUO challenge this week is "Thinking of You/Friendship" - so I gave this new leaf set a try…..This is the first card I made in my new stamp room, which is a make shift one because we are actually going to build one  in the basement….but have all kinds of other projects that trump that one, like getting my mother moved in for one!! We hit the ground running - redoing the kitchen, family room and dining room which all needed it pretty badly.  We opted to use one of those kits where you do about 7 steps to every cabinet and then to the boxes, drawers, doors, etc.  Can I just warn you that you need to reeeeeallllllly hate your existing cabinets before attempting this???? And can I tell you don't complain that your kitchen is too small cuz after you get going, mark my words you will wish it was SMALLER!!! My heavens, it is taking for evah…….and I fear we will still be at it by Christmas!!!!  We hung the first completed row tonite and they make me wanna cry they look so pretty……(in a happy tears sort of way) but Oh my STARS is this labor intensive!!!!!  I know in the end it will be worth it, but what a JOB!!!  We get new granite countertops installed on October 1st and new back splash of subway tile shortly after…..and we are also pulling up carpeting in 3 rooms and laying down bamboo flooring……gahhhhh……I am too OLD for this!!!!!  We are actually having fun doing it…..or at least we keep telling ourselves that we are….bahahaha.  My husband keeps saying this is the last move for us, ever  - he keeps saying the next move for him will be out on a stretcher when he dies in this house……hahahaha.  We thought that with the last house….so never say never honey.  hahahaha…..if you don't laugh you will CRY.  Anyway-  I will post some before and after kitchen pics when we are all done…….and like i said, if you are considering painting and refinishing kitchen cabinets……well……consider it verrrrrrrry carefully before starting.  Cuz once you start there is no turning back.  Here's to a beautiful kitchen, and here's to the first card I finally stamped in my new house.  God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is good, even when you are on door number 28.  Oh yah.   Until next time………Karen